Lowered Expectations Tour Documentary!!!!

July 6th, 2013 by Jonny Swagger


We tour well.

The Swaggerin’ Growlers Lowered Expectations Tour

April 3rd, 2013 by Jonny Swagger


Sun 4.14 Pittsfield, MA Chameleon’s
Mon 4.15 Help us fill this
Tue 4.16 New Paltz, NY Snug Harbor
Wed 4.17 Syracuse, NY Help us fill this
Thr 4.18 Irondiquoit, NY The Thirsty Frog
Fri 4.19 Cleveland, OH Spitfire Saloon
Sat 4.20 Ft. Wayne, IN Berlin Music Hall
Sun 4.21 Grand Rapids, MI Carverside
Mon 4.22 Mishawaka, IN Wander Inn
Tue 4.23 Detroit, MI The Crimson Lounge
Wed 4.24 Chicago, IL Reggies
Thr 4.25 Springfield, IL Bar Nine
Fri 4.26 Green Bay, WI Crunchy Frog
Sat 4.27 Milwaukee, WI TBD
Sun 4.28 Madison, WI Wisco
Mon 4.29 Help us fill this
Tue 4.30 Help us fill this
Wed 5.1 Kansas City, KS TBD
Thr 5.2 Wichita, KS Barclay’s
Fri 5.3 Colombia, MO Roxy’s
Sat 5.4 Springfield, MO Lindberg’s Bar
Sun 5.5 Tulsa, OK The Vangard
Mon 5.6 Dallas, TX TBD
Tue 5.7 Midland, TX Blue Max
Wed 5.8 Austin, TX Bull McCabes
Thr 5.9 New Orleans, LA Checkpoint Charlie’s
Fri 5.10 Ocean Springs, MS Squeaky Lizard
Sat 5.11 Memphis, TN PnH Cafe
Sun 5.12 Asheville, NC The Odditorium
Mon 5.13 Greensville, SC Handlebar
Tue 5.14 Help us fill this
Wed 5.15 Trenton, NJ Millhill Basement
Thr 5.16 New Haven, CT Liffey’s
Fri 5.17 Providence, RI Help us fill this
Sat 5.18 Boston, MA Midway Cafe


2/22/13 – 3/16/13 Whiskey Roads Tour w/Threes Away

January 16th, 2013 by Jonny Swagger

Get me the hell on the Eisenhower Interstate Highway System.

Pretour NY state warmup: (Swaggerin’ Growlers only)
Fri. 2/1 Albany, NY @ Valentines

Sat. 2/2 New York, NY @ ABC No Rio DAYTIME ALL AGES

Whiskey Roads:

Fri. 2/22 Worcester, MA @ Beatnik’s

Sat. 2/23 Trenton, NJ @ Championship’s Bar *Griffin’s bday party* w/ Mass Folk Commons, Molly Rhythm, Triggered Impulse, & Johnny Richard

Sun.2/24 Richmond, VA @ Wonderland w/ The Creep-A-Zoids

Mon. 2/25 Fayetteville, NC @ The Rock Shop w/ t.b.d.

Tue.2/26 Wilmington, NC @ Orton’s w/ The Dielectrics

Wed.2/27 N. Charleston, SC @ The Mill w/ El Camino

Thur.2/28 Atlanta @ The Asylum w/ Magoo’s Heros

Fri. 3/1 Ormand Beach, FL @ Victory Tatto w/ t.b.d.

Sat. 3/2 Sarasota, FL @ Pastime’s Pub (Yellow Ribbon Riot)

Sun. 3/3 Miami, FL @ Churchill’s Pub w/ Unit Six

Mon. 3/4 Pompano Beach @ Play by Play w/t.b.d.

Tue. 3/5 Orlando, FL @ Will’s Pub w/ Abandon the Midwest

Wed. 3/6 Gainesville, FL @ Loosey’s

Thur. 3/7 Athens, GA @ The Caledonia Lounge w/ Burns Like Fire

Fri. 3/8 Nashville, TN @ foo BAR w/ Dirty Dee & The Sweaty Meat

Sat.3/9 Charlotte, NC @ The Milesone w/ The Everymen + 1 t.b.d.

Sun. 3/10 Lexington, KY *show moved* @ Green Lantern w/ INFECTED

Mon. 3/11 Off?

Tue. 3/12 Columbus, OH @ The Shrunken Head w/ Hells Fire Sinners

Wed. 3/13 Pittsburgh, PA @ Howler’s Cafe w/ t.b.d

Thur. 3/14 Batomore,MD @ Charm City Art Space w/ CHARM CITY SAINTS!!!

Fri. 3/15 Wallingford, CT @ Cherry Street Station w/ t.b.d

Sat. 3/16 “St. Patrick’s Day Riot” Cambridge @ Middle East Club w/The Old Edison, Threes Away, OC45, The Wolf Hongos

Sun. 3/17 New London, CT @ St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

If you see this coming, get you livers prepared.

News Flash for the Holidays

December 17th, 2012 by Jonny Swagger

Alright, a couple of things since I’ve either been working, practicing, teaching mandolin or at shows:

John “Chestnut” Perna is no longer drumming with us. Someone on here was saying that he left us; that’s not true. He was asked to leave – It wasn’t a clean break. That’s all I’m saying, cause fuck internet drama. Drama is best left on the stage.


Because hope is motion, we’re proud to announce Jack Snyder (OC45, ex Disaster Strikes) Will be joining us for our upcoming Whiskey Roads tour with Threes Away, and his debut show is at the Kingpins Car Club Christmas Party this Saturday in Haverhill, MA. The practices have been fucking phenomenal and I’m really excited to tear it up. Not to mention Jack is a hell of a guy.

Now, I’m off to work. See you all Saturday. Also, if you haven’t been to Kelly’s yet, some great shows are going on there.


PS: If anyone’s got a van for sale, we’re in the market.

A Kingpins Christmas Party! 21+
December 22 at 8:00pm
Kelley’s Pub 75 South Main St. Haverhill MA 01835


8.2.12 (Thursday) Worcester, MA – Beatnik’s Dinnertime acoustic jam
8.4.12 (Saturday) New York, NY – Tompkins Sq. Park
8.5.12 (Sunday) Rochester, NY – The Bug Jar
8.6.12 (Monday) Detroit, MI – Corktown Tavern
8.7.12 (Tuesday) Grand Rapids, MI – TipTop Bar & Grill
8.8.12 (Wednesday) Hanging out with Ricket Pass at Double Ds
8.9.12 (Thursday) Chicago, IL – Reggie’s
8.10.12 (Friday) Greenbay, WI – JD’s Bar
8.11.12 (Saturday) Minneapolis, MN – The Right Now House – 204 penn ave s – It’s a house show that was cool enough to publish their house address. Don’t be douchey and bring beer for everyone, as well as money for our broke asses
8.12.12 (Sunday) Waterloo, IA – The 13th Step
8.13.12 (Monday) Wichita, KS – Kirby’s Beershop
8.14.12 (Tuesday) Denver, CO – Quixote’s True Blue w/Conformity & Captain Knacker
8.15.12 (Wednesday) Ft. Collins, CO – Surfside 7
*** 8.16.12 (Thursday) Anywhere between CO and DFW TX
8.17.12 (Friday) Fort Worth, TX – The Wild Rooster
8.18.12 (Saturday) San Antonio, TX – Zombies
8.19.12 (Sunday) Houston, TX – Deans
8.20.12 (Monday) Ocean Springs, MS – The Squeaky Lizard Lounge
8.21.12 (Tuesday) Columbus, GA – Eighty Five
8.22.12 (Wednesday) Fayetteville, NC – The Black Cat Lounge – Special Whiskey Wednesday tasting event!
8.23.12 (Thursday) Asheville, NC – The Get Down
*** 8.24.12 (Friday) Richmond, VA – please help us fill this date ***
8.25.12 (Saturday) Pennsburg, PA – PC Pub w/Punkabillies, Kilmaine Saints
8.26.12 (Sunday) Wallingford, CT – Cherry St. w/Filthy Still & The Old Edison


Hey everyone! It’s my favorite part of the year coming up. TOURING, BITCHES! :-D
(I am totally not feeling the see more thing on event descriptions, so keep reading below for the dates!)

We’re going back out in June / July for another full East Coast run and I can’t wait. We’ve also got a few shows before then, too. Sadly though, it’s like Ethan won’t be touring with us on this run for most of these upcoming shows, cause you know that whole fucking PAYING RENT thing. But he’ll be with us at a good deal of the local shows, and the occasional bigger regional shows. (HINT: paying bands means they can keep playing and touring. WHEEE LOGIC WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT). Anyways, I’m going to take another slug of this coffee, and continue typing up this beautiful monstrosity.

If you plan on going to any of these shows, please not only mark yourself as attending, and share this! It’s the only real promotion we’ve got.

6/14/12 – Pittsfield, MA – Chameleons Lounge
6/15/12 – Asbury Park, NJ – Asbury Lanes w/ The World / Inferno Friendship Society
6/16/12 – Scranton, PA – House Show, details TBA
6/17/12 – New Brunswick, NJ – Basement Show (Ask a Punk for the Address)
6/18/12 – Albany, NY – Valentines
6/19/12 – Kingston, NY – Rondout Music Lounge w/ Viva La Vox
6/20/12 – New Paltz, NY – Snug Harbor
6/22/12 – Brooklyn, NY – The Acheron City Lights
6/23/12 – Baltimore, MD – Sidebar w/Topsoil
6/24/12 – Richmond, VA – Bandito’s Burritos
6/25/12 – Raleigh, NC – Black Flowers
6/26/12 – Fayettville, NC – Black Cat Lounge
6/27/12 – Myrtle Beach, SC – Sound Hole
6/28/12 – Charlotte, NC – Milestone
6/29/12 – Charleston, SC – The Mill
6/30/12 – Jacksonville, FL – Shantytown Pub
7/01/12 – FL open, help us fill this date!
7/02/12 – 1982 Club, Gainesville, FL w/Half Crocked
7/03/12 – Daytona Beach, FL – Tir Na Nog
7/04/12 – Miami, FL – Churchill’s Pub
7/05/12 – Pompano Beach, Play By Play Bar
7/06/12 – Ft. Lauderdale, FL – Poorhouse
7/07/12 – Lake Worth, FL – Propaganda
7/08/12 – Sarasota, FL – Pasttime’s Pub
7/09/12 – Victory Tattoo, Ormond Beach, FL
7/10/12 – Caledonia Lounge – Athens, GA – w/ Burns Like Fire, Pinkerton Thugs
7/11/12 – Memphis, TN – P and H Cafe
7/12/12 – Nashville, TN – Fubar
7/13/12 – Asheville, NC – Warehouse Underground
7/14/12 – Baltimore, MD – Help us fill this date!
7/15/12 – Help us fill this date!
7/28/12 – Worcester, MA – The Raven w/Hub City Stompers

Upcoming Shows & Chestnut’s Bailfest

December 8th, 2011 by Jonny Swagger

There’s been a lot of buzz going on about what happened down in SC – The short of it goes something like this: We’ve got John Law breathing down our neck, the van is literally falling apart, we haven’t a penny to our name, but goddamn, yall can’t keep a Growler down. We’ve got some ace shows coming up. We also could use a goddamn hand. If you could repost this, we’d greatly appreciate it.

So, what happened? As opposed to my normal flowery prose, I’ll keep it bullet pointed, short and sweet:

* Blown Tire, towed to a Walmart parking lot, late night – morning tire fix

* Next Day, Illegal stop by the South Carolina Sherrif’s Department (Driving too close – the highway was damn well near empty). Illegal, non-consented search of the van yielded a controlled substance (Psychobilin Mushrooms)

* Chestnut was arrested, and railroaded through a bond hearing at a time different told to us – Bail was set at $1,000, and a trial date was set over 7 months away, in June 2012.

* As opposed to letting a Brother in Arms rot for seven fucking months in a southern detention center for what is at best absolute bullshit, we came up with the $1,000 – literally everything the band had, and then some.

* The first judge tried to pull some further shady shit (than $1,000 for bail for a goddamn fungus), and tried to make sure he stayed overnight by leaving early, thereby fucking us over further and out of our last date of tour – we caught some luck with both a sympathetic corrections officier, as well as a sympathetic judge. I won’t mention their names because it’s clear that decent honest people are frowned upon in the South Carolina Legal system, but needless to say, we’re grateful. We were able to pay someone and get him out in time to hit the road up to Philly for our show with the nefarious Erik Petersen.

We’re shit broke. The van is breaking. We don’t even have any shirts left to sell (post tour reordering). We’re playing a few shows this month that we will be collecting donations at, and our next tour kickoff is a benefit show essentially for us to be able to continue to do what we do.

So, without much more of my fucking rambling, here is what’s up:

12/08/11 – Woodstock, NY – Colony Cafe – ALL AGES

12/10/11 – NY, NY – ABC No Rio w/Mischief Brew – ALL AGES

12/15/11 – Boston, MA – Church w/Bryan McPherson, Mark Lind, Jeff Rowe – 21+

12/17/11 – Dover, NH – The Barley Pub – 21+ – 3 sets!

1/12/12 – Jamaica Plain, MA – CHESTNUT’S BAILFEST – Midway Cafe

Hopefully the wheel bearings won’t blow before we get the money up to fix them. Looking forward to fucking going nuts at these next few shows – hope to see you all there.


Coffee Reflections

November 25th, 2011 by Jonny Swagger

Enjoying a cup of coffee from my own coffee maker in my own kitchen – What a beautiful thing this is! I do love the road, but sometimes it’s damn good to be home. Probably going to head over the space and get my practice amp so I can start working on new songs. There’s a lot to go through after the last few months! The world is a damn inspiring place, and living the life less boring will forever be my muse.

Thanks again to everyone who hung out, put us up, fed us, drank with us, danced, and otherwise made the last month an absolutely amazing time!


PS: We’ve got some news coming up in the next few days, in regards to the bullshit that went down in SC. So stay tuned.

How Bastards and Poets Say Thanks

November 3rd, 2011 by Jonny Swagger

Sharing a couple of drinks, leaning, backs against the bar. Two maniacal madmen surveying the site of calamity, and goddamn, it is good. The elder of the two having the beautiful perspective that only comes with experience; However the conviction is shared. The room is full of the gloriously uncommon – the beautiful bastards of this life. The bright things, the star children. Lovers and rebels, beauty seeking madness craving wanderers, fighters and dancers, all in the same breath. The sort of people where you’re equally as likely to make out with someone in the middle of a pit as you are to catch a fist, and quite possibly could be the same person.

“Jack” I say, leaning slightly over – enough to hear and speak clearly but not enough to take my eyes off the crowd of fire dancers. They are fire dancers after all, and we bring the fire and light – we’re entertainers. It’s what we are and what we’ve pursued all of our lives. “Thank you for all the help you’ve given us; It means a lot, man. It’s really help get our asses out the door and on the road.”

He swirls his cocktail, turning a plastic dixi cup into something more sophisticated, more elegant, if only for a split second. A wine glass, perhaps; Maybe a heavy bottomed dram. Eyes still fixed on the crowd and ears on the barstool conversation. I can feel a smile, a weary smile, but a smile none the less. You don’t need to see these things to hear the inflections in the words. “Oh, don’t mention it, Jonny. We recognize our own tribe”.

The Devil’s delightfully wicked grin creeps across my face. The one I sing about so passionately. The words leave my mouth as they are thought, no brakes or restraint.

“Tonight is going to be such marvelous, beautiful fun, isn’t it?”

And you know what? It most certainly fucking was. It’s an honor and a joy to share the stage with you fine folks and hopefully it will be sooner than later when we get to do it again – I can say without a doubt it’s been the best Halloween I’ve ever had, that’s for fucking sure. Jack, Leslie, Sandra, Frank, Rebecca, Matt, Greg, and of course the delightful clan of Infernites – Thank you.

Also? Chestnut is coverd in glitter STILL and I can’t help but giggle. He sparkles. :-)

-Jonny Swagger