Art Lingerie

One of the things I can never seem to get a grasp of is an understanding of what they really want to tell people at the museum. You know, with all those abstract paintings and whatnot, I can’t seem to get the message and the titles almost don’t always resonate with what the picture would […]


One of the most existential inquiries that will ever come to the mind of the human person, as Albert Camus would suggest in what he would call the Absurd, would be one that tackles on suicide — is life worth living? Indeed, nothing can be more preposterous than giving this question a thought. The Swag […]

Blacks on Blondes

Its no secret that there is a lot of sexual activity happening between ebony studs and white gals inside the site – Blacks On Blondes! The more chocolate deep the dudes are, the better the action and the more blonde white the gals are, the harder the penetrations! The Swag Blacks on Blondes Discount 45% off […]

Fucked Hard 18

Fucked Hard 18 has some 335+ videos and some 335+ picture galleries just waiting for you to simply join them and have access to everything. The Swag Fucked Hard 18 Discount 40% off / $17.95 for one month You see the kind of action that this site brings is very erotic and oily also. Many have […]


A wise man once told me that you can never be the perfect version of yourself if you don’t go through experiences that will damage you in a way that seems irreparable. And I do concur to his statement. The Swag Tainster Discount 65% off / $9.95 for one month If you want to break free from […]


All work with no play makes Jack a downright dull boy. What I’m trying to tell you is that it’s not your fault you are hooked into sensual immersion, be it in isolation or with a partner. Also, it’s always nice to try something new. You might as well do something different everyday than be […]


PornPros Network has been doing hardcore porn production with the help of some 20 sites inside its network. They have managed to put out hour after hour of sensual exclusive porno episodes that are nicely made, and nicely hardcore. The Swag PornPros Discount 67% off / $9.95 for one month 67% off / $9.95 per month […]

GF Revenge

GF Revenge has the girlfriend amateur revenge porno that you have been searching for a long time. They have an intense collection ready to excite all your deep desires inside their site. The Swag GF Revenge Discount 56% off / $17.95 for one month 76% off / $9.95 per month for six months The way that […]


Any network that has been doing work and quality work for that matter for more than a decade deserves respect. That is what we give to one masterfully wicked hardcore porno network by the name of Dogfart Network! The Swag DogFart Discount 33% off / $19.99 for one month 76% off / $8.33 per month for […]

Wow Girls

Wow Girls is for those who like their gals young and very fresh. When we say young ones we don’t mean fresh virgins but rather 18 year old teens who are on a journey of sexual discovery. This is the kind of material that this site offers. The Swag Wow Girls Discount 33% off / $19.95 […]

Passion HD

Passion HD has the best name that they could have possibly picked. Why? They have passionate and only HD material inside. They have the kind of production quality that makes porn fans excited. The Swag Passion HD Discount 67% off / $9.95 for one month 75% off / $7.95 per month for one year When you […]

DDF Network

DDF Network has models that will charm the pants right off your body! The gals and models come from various European countries. They look so sexy and so edible that you are going to have a massive boner all the time! The Swag DDF Network Discount 67% off / $14.99 for one month 73% off / […]


The thing about us as people is that we tend to give more gestures of favor to matters that are foreign rather than what we have in our grasp and keeping. In simpler terms, we want imported stuff rather than what our local sources can provide us with. The Swag Twistys Discount 33% off / $19.95 for […]

Digital Playground

In today’s world, everything seems to be nothing but digital. We get to do everything we need and want to do over the internet. If we need to submit paperwork, it’s always only a click away. No need to come to the office to actually handout a draft or anything to that effect. The Swag […]


VideoBox decided to conquer and dominate the world of “DVD porno download” by being the finest in this section of the adult entertainment industry. They spread their wings took off and have never ever looked back since! The Swag Videobox Discount 20% off / $12.00 for one month 50% off / $8.00 per month for one […]

Playboy Plus

PlayBoy Plus is looking so much better since the last time we visited them. Yes, PlayBoy is ancient in terms of how many years they have been producing. They gained notoriety through their sexual, glossy, and entertaining magazine, TV-shows, and they have never lost that sexual component all these years. The Swag Playboy Plus Discount […]

X Art

Porn does not have to just be about graphic, in your face sex, but instead it can be more artistic and sensual and that is where a site such as X Art comes into its own. The Swag X Art Discount 75% off / $9.95 for one month These guys do show you full on hardcore, […]

Evil Angel

If you win awards for making porn, then you must be pretty good at it. You see, there are so many production companies out there all doing their own thing that to be seen as one of the best really is a big thing. The Swag Evil Angel Discount 75% off / $9.95 for one […]

Playboy TV

PlayBoy TV is the kind of site that you will find yourself going back to just because Playboy was probably the first taste of porn that you ever had. This site is actually an extension of their TV show that has been shown on cable and it is certainly a nice addition to the Playboy […]

Naughty America

What is it about us humans that means we always want to know what is going on behind closed doors? It seems as if we have this desire to know the secrets that everybody else holds and do you want to know something? If Naughty America is a prime example, then I want to be […]


Mofos Network is back and they got some wild college girls showing everyone that it is never too early to be so horny. There are 1146 scenes here and they can all be downloaded in several options or streamed on a Flash player. The Swag Mofos Discount 40% off / $17.95 for one month 67% off […]


One of the most popular sites in the entire BangBros network is Bang Bus. I really enjoyed this site growing up and would always anticipate the next episode. Each episode is a nice blend of humor and hardcore sex. The Swag BangBros Discount 50% off / $14.95 for one month 67% off / $9.95 per month […]


Brazzers is not your ordinary porn network, no, no, no! If there was a class for porn networks, these guys would be teaching the class! If there was a race between porn networks to see who is the best, these guys would set a new world record, then break their own record! They are that […]

Reality Kings

Reality Kings is a generous and opulent provider of porn. They have chiseled their name into the hearts and minds of many porn fans. The Swag Reality Kings Discount 56% off / $17.95 for one month 80% off / $7.95 per month for one year They have fought with other porn giants and felled them like […]


Amateur porn seems to be more popular now than ever before, so it is not a surprise to find that a site such as KarupsPC is proving to be so busy. This site can only be described as being an amateur porn girls mega website and it is clear to see why as soon as […]

There are times where I just get bored of what the industry likes to call vanilla porn and it is at those moments where I tend to turn to something that is a little bit different. The fetish world is huge and in my opinion is a website that deserves to do much better […]

Lets Try Anal

If someone came up to you and said “Lets Try Anal”, would you do it?, or would you know they are talking about a porn site? Well in our case, we are talking about a porn site. The Swag Lets Try Anal Discount 33% off / $19.95 for one month 67% off / $10.00 per month […]

Public Pickups

Public Pickups is all about exhibiting all your curvy and “un-curvy” bumps and people engaging in public fornication. To understand better what this site is about, you will have to visit the tour page. The Swag Public Pickups Discount 67% off / $9.95 for one month 67% off / $10.00 per month for one year Here, […]

Digital Desire

The name of this website intrigued me enough to check it out in more detail and I am seriously glad that I did so. The Swag Digital Desire Discount 41% off / $14.95 for one month 70% off / $7.91 per month for one year You see, I am a stickler for gorgeous women and when […]


There are moments in my porn viewing career where looking at still shots does absolutely nothing for me. The Swag VideosZ Discount 41% off / $17.95 for one month 68% off / $9.95 per month for one year At times, the only thing I care about is seeing movement as well as hard fucking and […]