Digital Desire

The name of this website intrigued me enough to check it out in more detail and I am seriously glad that I did so.

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You see, I am a stickler for gorgeous women and when they are getting naked, then I am even more intrigued and that was the case from the moment I landed on the home page for Digital Desire.

The first thing I need to point out is that this is not a hardcore site. Yes they may have some lesbian scenes, but its main focus is on glamour and softcore shoots, but do not allow this to put you off as it is all so well done that you will instantly fall in love.

The Dream Of One Man

One thing that really interested me was the fact that this was all dreamt up by one man. That man is a well known glamour photographer called J. Stephen Hicks and he clearly has a wonderful photographic eye. It also shows the longevity of his career when you discover that there are more than 1000 models on there as well as over 1,000 videos and 250,000 photographs, so boy has he been busy.

The Digital Desire Quality Is Outstanding

This is not exactly going to be a surprise, but the quality of the work that is on this site is absolutely outstanding. You can tell that the person taking the shots is a real expert at their craft as everything is just so perfect that you can appreciate the art as much as you can appreciate the gorgeous model. When it comes to quality, I need to give this site full marks every single time.

Forget Hardcore And Love This

My final bit of advice is to give yourself a break from all of that hardcore stuff and instead embrace softcore glamour photography by signing up to Digital Desire. You are going to have a new found appreciation for the finer art of the nude model and will thoroughly enjoy your time there.