Evil Angel

If you win awards for making porn, then you must be pretty good at it. You see, there are so many production companies out there all doing their own thing that to be seen as one of the best really is a big thing.

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That is what has happened here with Evil Angel, so clearly finding out about their site is going to be interesting.

As soon as you land on there you know that you are in for a treat as it is clear that this is a site that has a lot of scenes and every single one is produced to a very high level. I am not talking about soft lighting or anything like that, but you can immediately see that it has been made by somebody that knows what they are doing and the one thing that is for certain is that you will never have to worry about angles as they make sure that you do indeed see absolutely everything.

The site is also overflowing with content as you have over 1,600 DVDs to choose from which may not sound that much until you discover that each one is roughly 3 hours long. You also then have around 5,000 picture sets to browse through and each set contains an average of 200 snaps, so that is a lot of porn for you to perv over. The content is also seriously hot and they tend to cover all of the usual types of scenes that you would expect to find on a site like this, so there is plenty of anal, threesomes, and general hardcore fucking.

Evil Angel also have a number of top stars appearing in their scenes, but it is also a good breeding ground for up and coming ones as well. The navigation system, and ability to search for specific models, is very well done and it will take you straight to various types of scenes that features the person you are looking for.

This is one site where I am genuinely happy to be a member and I have been so for a number of months now. I feel I get real value for money, there is still so much porn to watch, and with regular updates there is no reason whatsoever for me to ever get bored.