All work with no play makes Jack a downright dull boy. What I’m trying to tell you is that it’s not your fault you are hooked into sensual immersion, be it in isolation or with a partner. Also, it’s always nice to try something new. You might as well do something different everyday than be bored of the same thing that is supposed to make your day forever.

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 On that note, try telling your girlfriend to give you variations of blow jobs and hand jobs. If she has some creativity problem, then you might want to watch the contents of ManoJob with her. And we’re reviewing it today!

Who could have ever thought hand jobs could become an actual thing? I mean, yes, they’re fun and exciting and they, without doubt, feel utterly pleasurable for the male libido. But, here in MJ, they take it to the extremes in order to prove a profound point: That there’s more to hand jobs than the forward and backward movement of the supple female hand. Here, you will get to witness the exhibitions a female can do with her man, such as hugging him from the back while massaging that willy — extremely, heavily.

The Contents of MJ

Now, we move on to dissecting the very layers of this hand job bonanza pornographic site. We look at the video quality, is it good? Going by experience, it is superb and seemingly as competitive as any of the best HD porn sites could be. The quality does not go less than 1080p, which goes to say you must really update that media player of yours. But, it’s well worth giving a damn for. Every video does not last anywhere less than 20 minutes, so you can really expect some plot and turn of events into the whole sequence, which makes the whole scheme much more interesting. As far as figures go, you can enjoy over 770 plus scenes, all unique, all categorized into their own nuances. There are weekly updates, so you can expect more or less 10 to 15 new releases every week.

The Verdict

Is it worth it? Lemme tell you something, lemme work it! This site kind of reminds me of Missy Elliot indeed. And that is my way of saying this is a legendary porno site you shouldn’t dare miss. And it’s only $29.95 a month. Enjoy the freshest models and the most wonderful concepts injected into ManoJob.