There are moments in my porn viewing career where looking at still shots does absolutely nothing for me.

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At times, the only thing I care about is seeing movement as well as hard fucking and I have to say that when I am in that mood VideosZ is the site I turn to.

Do you want to know why I turn to this website? It is simply because of the sheer volume of content that they have in their members section as they have over 80,000 individual scenes that come from over 13,000 DVD’s. That is a serious amount of porn and there is no way I am going to translate that into how many days it is because lets just say it is a lot.

A Mixture Of Quality

OK, so VideosZ does have a lot of content and that content has been produced over a number of years, so that means just one thing. This site is not all in HD, but instead the older material can be a bit grainy, at least when compared to the latest stuff. You have to remember though that they do not produce the content themselves, so do not put the blame on them. Instead, just ignore the mixture of quality and just enjoy the action on the screen.

Love A Star? Then They Are There

Of course when you have so many scenes it does mean that the chances of you finding your favorite star on there are very high indeed. This does mean that you need to do a search and the navigation area is pretty good, but then it has to be when there is so much to check out. You can search according to name, likes, genres, and a whole host of other things, so at least then you will be shown only the scenes that are interesting you at that time.

So Many Updates

When I talk about the updates I usually end up complaining that the websites do not do it enough. However, I am breaking new ground here as I am complaining about the number of times that VideosZ updates as it is just too much. You are looking at 5 new videos every single day and I just cannot keep up with them.

You can see why I turn to VideosZ when I need my porn film fix as there is always something new and exciting to check out. This is the one membership that I am never going to relinquish.