X Art

Porn does not have to just be about graphic, in your face sex, but instead it can be more artistic and sensual and that is where a site such as X Art comes into its own.

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These guys do show you full on hardcore, but at the same time it is not as fast paced as other sites and do you want to know something? It is an absolute pleasure to see this style of porn as well.

The site itself is getting bigger as it now has over 400 scenes and just over 500 picture sets to browse through and that is a marked improvement in recent times. The X Art content is also classed as being exclusive to this site and that alone is something that I am quite happy about because at least then it is all new and not just recycled porn.

The content on this site is certainly very, very raunchy and you can feel the chemistry and energy between everybody in the scene, but at the same time there is no roughness and the sex just feels more loving. The kind of action on here is also very varied as it does go from solo shoots right through to group fucking, but the main thing is still just the way that they do it all. Put it this way, it is not like your usual porn, but you should still be intrigued as to finding out more and seeing for yourself how sensual can be sexy.

X Art updates several times a week, but there are reports of some people getting hit with a download limit, but that limit tends to be very high, so unless you are trying to save the entire site at the one time, then there should be no problem whatsoever. If the only complaint that you have about a site is being restricted with how much you can save in a day, then you are doing pretty good as a website.

Be sensible and go and check out their tour for yourself and you will immediately see why so many people are now being drawn towards this type of porn. You will not be disappointed.